Windows 7 Administrator

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Tips and Tricks

This is for Windows 7 users !!!!

In Windows 7,  we use an account that we had named as we like and so called Administrator. And when you create it, there will be all in total 3 User accounts in your computer. One is the account that you use, another is GUEST account which is disabled and last not the least is so called ADMINISTRATOR account which is a REAL administrator of your computer. This Admin.. Account has all privilege and is hidden.

So if you want to active this Account then just use some tricks to do it…..

heres one command to type in CMD in your computer to access to USER ACCOUNT Control


This command lets to the location of where the setting of hidden is done for administration …. see a little bit there…and if you cann’t figure this out, just leave a comment .

I will help you out.


Actually, this isn’t for Noob users, Cause why the hell you need  Administrator privilege if you don’t know anything.



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