Making a Bootable Pen drive

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Tips and Tricks

To make a bootable pendrive ….. follow the following instruction


1)open CMD……


u will enter to the disk management in DOS mode


2)DISKPART> list disk

it will list all the disk that are available and online in ur computer


3)DISKPART> select disk 1

we have to select the disk first ie pendrive to startover… here i selected disk 1….. which is my pendrive number


4)DISKPART> clean

it will clean all the files and folders from that disk….. like doing formating with deleting partitions


5)DISKPART> create partition primary

it will create a partition primary which is type of format that boot file exist


6)DISKPART> select partition1

it will select the partition 1 ……. the partition that we just had created


7)DISKPART> active

it will make the selected partition active to perform requested tasks


8)DISKPART> format fs=ntfs

it will format the disk space to make it workable


9)DISKPART> assign

it is used for assigning a drive letter to the pendrive


10)DISKPART> exit

exit from the diskpart then now type in CMD


11)Find the folder of Windows 7 Operating System………and go inside the boot folder from CMD

Note: while running CMD, do “Run as administrator”.


12)Then type

{ Here, I: drive is the pendrive that we just formated and modified it…. }

find the windows files and inside the boot folder and  run ….. bootsect.exe file

E:\Backupsoft\Windows7\boot>bootsect.exe/nt60 I:


13)After the succesful operation of booting the pendrive, exit from the CMD.


14)Then u can just copy all the files and sub-folders inside the Windows7 folder and paste it to pendrive..



…………………..Now the Pendrive can be used for booting ur computer

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