About Me

I am Software Engineer at Asmex Digital currently. I have moved from Nepal to Australia for more knowledge and work experience after my college degree.

I always love to share information in internet. I know there are a lot there you can find, however, there are some information you may not find easily and less. I usually share information of technology and some technology life hacks to make life easier.

Also, supporting where I come from and my religion, I have pages dedicated to it. #newa #newari

Thank you,
#2020 is not the end of the world!!! Keep up.

My old About me ( like to keep it as history )

Hello Guys !!!

This is Anil Prajapati and I am a web developer currently working for a website developing Company. I

I also own a Cyber and also called Institute at Sano-Bharyan, but I owned it partially.

Thank you guys for checking this out !!!!!!

If you have any question regarding any topic, you can always contact me,

Just click this -> ( removing my old email from here now on )

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