Newari Names – Newa baby girl and boy names

I have listed most of the names found and known Newa names ( Newari names ) ( Nepal bhasa names ) for baby girls and boys. It is very hard to find all the list in one place that’s why I am creating a list of names and will update this list if you guys comment me any new names that are not included here.

Name (Girl) Meaning
Ayela Wine/whisky
Bhintuna Wishes
Hera Diamond
Hisi Cute
Hisila Preety
Ita Oil lamp
Khusi River
Kusa Umbrella
Lasta Happy
Lipi Script
Lumanti Remembrance
Luniva Golden Rays
Luswaa Golden Rays
Manshree Saraswoti
Matina Love
Mhichaa Pocket
Mikha Eyes
Maya Love
Mihsa Woman
Nheela Smile
Neelaw Pure/Holy water
Nibha/Neeva/Niba Sun Light
Palasa Wisdom Seeker
Palisa Origin
Palistha To be established, establishment
Palpasa Lightening
Pasliswa Lotus flower
Rajamati (popular beautiful girl name)
Sichu Fresh/Cool
Silu Gosaikunda(name of a place)
Sachika Hair Ribbon
Simma Tree
Situ Holy Grass
Swaa Flower
Teesa Jewellery
Timila Full Moon
Yechhu/Yechu Clean
Yeju Lover
Name (Boy) Meaning
Aakha Letter
Abir Pure Red powder used for worship and person’s forehead
Aanga yard
Agin Continuous
Ajil a small white flower
Aju Surprise/Amaze
Jah Sun Light
Jaysha Office
Mijal Heat of fire
Mimal Lightening
Nugaḥ Heart
Nhuchhe New House
Nhu New
Nhuja First light
Pasa Friend
Puta a loveliest or favorite child
Sanil Gifted/Starry star

Please free suggest more names in comments so I can add them here.

***Updated: 2017-03-04

***Updated: 2020-11-06   added boys and girls names.

  1. can i get more names starting from N?

    • anil3a says:

      I have updated more Newa names / meanings as far as i can find. Please contribute if you have new ones as well in comment. Thank you for your interest.

  2. maharjansitu says:

    beautiful name 🙂

  3. Tika Shrestha says:

    Please update more Newari baby girl name

  4. Reekesh Bajracharya says:

    I picked Nhuja For my Son

  5. Jeet Pradhan says:

    please update more boys name.

  6. Sarada Dangol says:

    can i get name for girls meaning wise ,love and nature plz

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