Here is some of the documentation for using “vi” editor for Ubuntu users

vi Editor

Here are some of the TERMINAL commands that you will need always to perform any task in linux,

su : Super User rights from within the terminal
sudo : super user run this command             [  “sudo su”  for ubuntu  ]
ls : list directory contents
ls -lis : list directory content is list view
cd : change directory
cd /dirname : jump change a directory
apt-get install : gets app from web and installs [NOTE from dannyboy: I would use aptitude, it keeps track of dependencies and when you uninstall stuff it takes the dependencies with it, apt-get DOESN’T do this!]
apt-get remove : uninstalls app [same here]
apt-get update : updates the DB [same here]
clear : clears screen
./filename : processes a install command
mkdir : creates a directory
chmod 777 dirname : resets access rights to directory [i don’t know what you mean by resets access right, chomd will make the dir readable, writable, and executable i thought?]
kill 999 : kills process at high level
reboot : reboots system
exit : exits from terminal or moves back a userlevel
make : comlies package code
make install : installs the compiled code
uname -r : gives you the kernel version
dir : will list all directories within your current location
cat filenamehere : will display it’s contents
pwd : will show you your current location (very important if you’re usincli ftp)
cp oldfilename newfilename : copies a file
mv oldfile newfile : will overwrite the oldfile with the newfile
chown usernamehere dirnamehere : changes the dir owner to whoever you put
chgrp groupnamehere dirnamehere : changes the group who owns the dir

man ls # will give you information about ls

tar -xf
Extracts the contents of most tar.** archives.

apt-cache search ****
Searches the apt database for packages with names or descriptions similar to ****

apt-cache show ****
Shows information on package ****, for example “apt-cache show unzip”.

df -h
Shows mounted filesystems and space usage infomation for them.

du -hs /path/to/directory/
Shows the size of the contents of the specified directory.

–>Having an & at the end of the command line sends this process to the background (you regain the prompt to type more commands). If you type a command followed by && and then another command (i.e. $command1 && command2) the second command will only be started when the first one is finished

Few links for better more learnings,

An A-Z Index of the Linux BASH command line

Alphabetical Directory of Linux Commands

Linux Shortcuts and Commands:

For web developers, this link will help installing LAMP on Linux in a proper way so all updates are enable for apache, PHP and MYSQL.

Installing LAMP on Ubuntu  (Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP)
Installing best PHP editor for Ubuntu.


1.) Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD
restart adobe cs5 trial delete PCD file

Adobe Common Files PCD Location

2.) Delete the file named “pcd”

3.) Open the “cache” folder

4.) Delete the file named “cache”

5.) Edit your “Hosts” file to prevent your Adobe CS5 programs from communicating with Adobe.

Editing your hosts file is a relatively easy task (See image below). Navigate to Computer -> Local Disk (C:) -> Windows -> System32 -> Drivers -> etc -> hosts. Or you can simply type “hosts” into the search bar when you are inside the folder “System32?.

You will need to change the security of the hosts file in order to edit it. Right click it, select properties and then select the security tab. You will need to grant regular users “Full Control” in order to edit this file.

WARNING: You should remove these full control privileges from the regular users group after editing the file for system security purposes.

Add the following lines to the bottom of the file:

This essentially tells your computer that when you attempt to navigate to either or, rather than being directed to those addresses, your computer will loop that navigation back to itself, and your Adobe programs will fail to reach the adobe activation destination. “ is your computers own loopback IP address.
edit windows hosts file for adobe activation

Click for full size

I’m actually not sure if that whole hosts file editing part is absolutely necessary, but it doesn’t seem like it could hurt. I’m not sure if Adobe attempts to keep track of trial users on their end.

Now the next time you open an Adobe CS5 program, you will be prompted to accept the license agreement and start a new trial.

1. – Open an elevated command prompt

Start > Search “cmd” > Right Click cmd.exe > Run as Administrator

2. – Leave Command prompt open; Open task manager

3. – End process “explorer.exe”

4. – Switch back to command prompt

5A. – FILE – Change to the directory of your file and delete it.

First run this line: cd “PATH OF YOUR FILE”
i.e. cd “%USERPROFILE%”\Downloads”
Now run this line: del filename.extension
i.e. del filename.mkv

5B. – FOLDER – Delete the folder.

Enter Command: RD /S /Q [DRIVE:]\PATH\TO\FOLDER
RD /S /Q C:\Users\[username]\Downloads\FOLDERNAME

6. – Switch back to task manager

7. – Start “explorer.exe” by clicking “File” menu at Taskbar and click “New Task(Run…)” and then type this “explorer” in the box….. then finished.

Or if this wouldn’t help for some files….. check this website;

Windows 7 Core file deleting Style

Making a Bootable Pen drive

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Tips and Tricks

To make a bootable pendrive ….. follow the following instruction


1)open CMD……


u will enter to the disk management in DOS mode


2)DISKPART> list disk

it will list all the disk that are available and online in ur computer


3)DISKPART> select disk 1

we have to select the disk first ie pendrive to startover… here i selected disk 1….. which is my pendrive number


4)DISKPART> clean

it will clean all the files and folders from that disk….. like doing formating with deleting partitions


5)DISKPART> create partition primary

it will create a partition primary which is type of format that boot file exist


6)DISKPART> select partition1

it will select the partition 1 ……. the partition that we just had created


7)DISKPART> active

it will make the selected partition active to perform requested tasks


8)DISKPART> format fs=ntfs

it will format the disk space to make it workable


9)DISKPART> assign

it is used for assigning a drive letter to the pendrive


10)DISKPART> exit

exit from the diskpart then now type in CMD


11)Find the folder of Windows 7 Operating System………and go inside the boot folder from CMD

Note: while running CMD, do “Run as administrator”.


12)Then type

{ Here, I: drive is the pendrive that we just formated and modified it…. }

find the windows files and inside the boot folder and  run ….. bootsect.exe file

E:\Backupsoft\Windows7\boot>bootsect.exe/nt60 I:


13)After the succesful operation of booting the pendrive, exit from the CMD.


14)Then u can just copy all the files and sub-folders inside the Windows7 folder and paste it to pendrive..



…………………..Now the Pendrive can be used for booting ur computer

Windows 7 Administrator

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Tips and Tricks

This is for Windows 7 users !!!!

In Windows 7,  we use an account that we had named as we like and so called Administrator. And when you create it, there will be all in total 3 User accounts in your computer. One is the account that you use, another is GUEST account which is disabled and last not the least is so called ADMINISTRATOR account which is a REAL administrator of your computer. This Admin.. Account has all privilege and is hidden.

So if you want to active this Account then just use some tricks to do it…..

heres one command to type in CMD in your computer to access to USER ACCOUNT Control


This command lets to the location of where the setting of hidden is done for administration …. see a little bit there…and if you cann’t figure this out, just leave a comment .

I will help you out.


Actually, this isn’t for Noob users, Cause why the hell you need  Administrator privilege if you don’t know anything.



Welcome to my site!!!

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Welcome to my small Blog site guys…..

Thanks for checking this out. I hadn’t POSTED any news and or messages yet so  try to be faster to do so.

I will be POSTING some tricks and NEW things for you !!